Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Fiction in a Flash

Are you ready to plunge into the pool of flash fiction? Be prepared to hold your breath! Although the water appears shallow, the emotional impact of this form of writing has depths rivaling the high seas of longer fiction.

Flash fiction, when crafted with care, has the ability to work both within the boundaries of fiction and on the periphery of what is considered traditional storytelling. In the world of flash, a compelling story can be told in less than a hundred words!

During this six-week workshop, advanced writers looking to fine-tune their skills in brevity and control and aspiring writers interested in experimenting with this cutting-edge mode will have the opportunity to explore this in-demand form of writing.

By the end of the course, writers will have produced two polished pieces of flash fiction. Each work will be critiqued in a supportive environment intended to celebrate the writer’s voice and vision, and will provide the feedback essential in the reviewing and editing stages of writing.


Monday, April 28, 2008

Long Story Short Ezine

Do you love to write fiction, non fiction, essays, poetry or writing articles? If you do, then you need to submit them to Long Story Short, a magazine for all writers. We're different than most editors, if we feel you have promise, we'll work with you in getting it fine-tuned for publishing.

You can check out our submission guidelines here:


We look forward to reading your stories.

Linda Barnett-Johnson

Assistant Editor

Writing Classes

I would like to introduce myself. I am the Administration Director of the Long Story Short School of Writing - http://www.lsswritingschool.com/ I am also the assistant editor of Long Story Short ezine - http://www.longstoryshort.us/

We have a plethora of wonderful classes. Whether you're a beginning or advanced, we have a class for you. If you have any questions, please let me know.

Here's the list:

Cookbook Writing 101
Curing Your Writing Problems
Fiction in a Flash
Fiction Without Fear or Using the “Slings and Arrows of Outrageous Fortune”
Fine Tuning the Senses
How to Create a Buzz!
How to Make it as a Freelance Writer
How to Succeed in Business Writing ... By Really Trying!
How to Write Under Fire
Journaling- the Write Way to a Better Life
Modern Poetry: Broaching the Avant-Garde
Novel Building101
Novel Building 102
Pitch Perfect
Promoting Your Book Online
Quintessential Queries and Savvy Synopses
Setting the Hook
Short Fiction: Make that Old Story New and Get it Published
Show, Don't Tell
Soul Building: The Breathing Fictional Character
Start Here -
Basic Writing Skills
The Art of Book Reviewing
The Lucrative World of Health Articles and Books
The Muse
The Nitty Gritty of Good Grammar and Great Writing
The Reel Deal: Writing About Movies
The World According to Agents and Editors
Turning Ideas Into Fiction
Who IS That Person - Developing Four Dimensional Characters
World Building for Writers: Beyond the Science
Writing a Creative Memoir
Writing Children's Fiction
Writing Fiction Express
Write Like a Lover
Writing the Non Fiction Book Proposal
Writing as Meditation
Writing as an Extreme Sport! (Re-Writing Your Own Work)
You, Me and Poetry