Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Fiction in a Flash

Are you ready to plunge into the pool of flash fiction? Be prepared to hold your breath! Although the water appears shallow, the emotional impact of this form of writing has depths rivaling the high seas of longer fiction.

Flash fiction, when crafted with care, has the ability to work both within the boundaries of fiction and on the periphery of what is considered traditional storytelling. In the world of flash, a compelling story can be told in less than a hundred words!

During this six-week workshop, advanced writers looking to fine-tune their skills in brevity and control and aspiring writers interested in experimenting with this cutting-edge mode will have the opportunity to explore this in-demand form of writing.

By the end of the course, writers will have produced two polished pieces of flash fiction. Each work will be critiqued in a supportive environment intended to celebrate the writer’s voice and vision, and will provide the feedback essential in the reviewing and editing stages of writing.


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