Thursday, January 22, 2009

Opportunity of a Lifetime for Writers and Artists

Kathy Coudle King

Call for Applications—Deadline February 20, 2009

In 2009, the International Writing Program (IWP), in cooperation with
the Chinese Writers' Association, is commencing a pilot exchange
project, the Life of Discovery (LOD), between writers and artists
from the United States and from the minority ethnic communities in
the western regions of the People's Republic of China. Five American
and five Chinese writers and artists, all aged 25-40, will be invited
to join two senior artists, one from each country, in a series of
collaborative, bilingual projects, conducted first in Western China
(over the course of sixteen days in mid-May, 2009) and continued and
elaborated upon in the US (five to seven days at the end of
September, 2009).

Knowledge of Chinese is not required for American participants, nor
English for Chinese participants.

LOD is sponsored through grant funds provided by the Bureau of
Educational and Cultural Affairs of the US State Department. These
will cover all relevant expenses for the US participants: round-trip
international travel to China and travel within China, domestic
travel in the US, lodging, per diem for meals, work materials, visa
costs, health insurance, translation and interpreting.

For more details on the exchange, the dates and proposed locations,
go to

The IWP invites applications from

· Early-career writers of fiction, poetry
, drama, screenplays, literary translation, and/or non-fiction, who
have at least one published (or contracted) volume.

· Artists from other disciplines, including time-based media,
music, dance, or the visual arts.

Applications will be judged on a number of criteria, including
creative merit, interest in cross-cultural activity, and the ability
to contribute to a diverse and long-term exchange with Chinese
counterparts of minority status.

Applications may be hardcopy or electronic and should include:

A1. Writing sample (no more than 15 pages; may be a photocopy or scan
of published work); or

A2. Portfolio of artwork. Digital portfolios should be readable on a PC.

Limit time-based or web-based work to a total of 10 minutes. Provide
concise instructions for viewing/listening to time-based or web-based
work. These instructions are especially important for reviewing
web-based material that the reviewers might otherwise browse
randomly. No more than 10 minutes of material will be reviewed.
Include a typed, numbered list that identifies each image or
time-based piece by title, date, medium, size, and other appropriate

Provide a self-addressed mailer and sufficient postage for return of
all materials.

B. Resumé

C. Project proposal (300-600 words)

D. Statement confirming ability to travel in remote and rural areas.

The resumé should include any experience relevant to LOD (such as
international travel or grants, volunteer work, other exch
anges, etc.), in addition to artistic credentials and professional

The project proposal should describe, in concrete terms, a proposed
collaboration between some or all of the participants in the 2009 LOD
project. It should take into consideration all of the following:

· Twelve writers and artists of different genres and
disciplines will be present.

· There will be a heavy reliance on interpreting and translation.

· The periods spent face-to-face (10-12 days in China, 5-7
days in the US) will occur four months apart. That interval may also
be included in your proposal.

If you have participated in a similar collaborative effort in the
past, we recommend including this in your proposal for illustrative
purposes. While the IWP has experience in creative collaboration, we
welcome new ideas.

Please send applications, by post or email, to

Tammy Petro

International Writing Program

Shambaugh House

430 N. Clinton

Iowa City, IA 52245

319-335-3817 (replace (at) with @)

Friday, January 9, 2009



Do you have the gift of writing but lack the skills to fine-tune your work? That’s where I come in. If your desire is to see your work published, but you don’t have the time or the ability to check the spelling, punctuation, grammar, content, style, etc., then you need help…me.

Get the most out of your writing life by having an editor check out your work. Don’t trust your own eyes when you can trust the eyes of an expert editor and proofreader. How many times have you reread your story and then you find a typo. Maybe it’s too late and the book is already published. I have read books with glaring typos.

I can sit here and tell you that I’m honest, trustworthy, friendly, encouraging, and a professional, but that’s just words. I’m sure some of my past editing jobs can clarify that.

Here are some of my past jobs:

Long Story Short, Inc.
Long Story Short School of Writing
Long Story Short Publishing
Patricia Crandall – The Dog Men (book), plus short stories
Gene Alvin (Aelf) One of his stories won a prize at Writer’s Digest in 2008. He’s also working on a couple of novels.

Some testimonials:

I’m easy to work with and willing to do the labor so that you can relax and prepare your next story or novel.

Contact me with your questions, comments or when to start editing your masterpiece(s). Remember, in order to succeed in the industry, you have to take a chance and move forward. Don’t make the mistake like some writer’s and put their work away in the drawer for another time. Get it out, dust it off and send it to me.

Thank you,

Linda Barnett-Johnson

Sunday, January 4, 2009


Posted by: "jon_gshw" jon_gshw
Fri Jan 2, 2009 10:29 am (PST)

Hi Everyone,

I've scheduled a multi-author event at Monmouth County Library(HQ),
Manalapan, for Saturday March 14 (2:00pm - 4:00pm).

I have six authors provisionally signed up, but I need at least one more
on standby in case someone drops out. If that person isn't needed,
he/she will automatically get a place on the next multi-signing held
there (probably in September). If things go as planned, the library has
agreed to host up to four of these events a year, so this could is a
great opportunity to increase your sales and promote your work.

If anyone is interested, please check out the website: for
information about what's involved, then contact me via the network's
yahoo group:

Take care,

Jon Gibbs