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Do you have the gift of writing but lack the skills to fine-tune your work? That’s where I come in. If your desire is to see your work published, but you don’t have the time or the ability to check the spelling, punctuation, grammar, content, style, etc., then you need help…me.

Get the most out of your writing life by having an editor check out your work. Don’t trust your own eyes when you can trust the eyes of an expert editor and proofreader. How many times have you reread your story and then you find a typo. Maybe it’s too late and the book is already published. I have read books with glaring typos.

I can sit here and tell you that I’m honest, trustworthy, friendly, encouraging, and a professional, but that’s just words. I’m sure some of my past editing jobs can clarify that.

Here are some of my past jobs:

Long Story Short, Inc.
Long Story Short School of Writing
Long Story Short Publishing
Patricia Crandall – The Dog Men (book), plus short stories
Gene Alvin (Aelf) One of his stories won a prize at Writer’s Digest in 2008. He’s also working on a couple of novels.

Some testimonials:

I’m easy to work with and willing to do the labor so that you can relax and prepare your next story or novel.

Contact me with your questions, comments or when to start editing your masterpiece(s). Remember, in order to succeed in the industry, you have to take a chance and move forward. Don’t make the mistake like some writer’s and put their work away in the drawer for another time. Get it out, dust it off and send it to me.

Thank you,

Linda Barnett-Johnson

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