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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Shift: A Woman's Guide to Transformation (for MEN, too)

I wanted to share this book, Shift: A Woman's Guide to Transformation, (for MEN, too) with you because it seems like we finally have a manual for ridding ourselves of nagging issues that never go away . . . those issues that creep into our quiet minds and trouble us endlessly and wreak havoc on our health. This book offers easy solutions and if you go to the website, you can get a sample chapter and view a video on EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique (a healing technique you can do yourself by tapping acupuncture points) - which actually works! Here's more:
Shift: A Woman's Guide to Transformation (for men, too) was created by Tracy Latz, M.D. and Marion Ross, Ph.D. following repeated requests to share in written form the information they had been teaching for 6 years. Prior to using these tools on anyone else, they used them to shift their own lives. Tracy transformed anxiety & stress and an acute physical issue; while Marion used the techniques to transform chronic physical pain and an inner restlessness. Their system is a discussion of the 12 self-sabotaging obstacles that we all unwittingly place in our path followed by a menu of easy-to-use techniques for removal of each issue blocking your path. Tracy and Marion do not want you to struggle as they did to find the 12 Keys that they discovered! They share their solutions with the sincere intent of assisting you so that you too can Shift Your Life- only quicker than they did!
Bernie Siegel, M.D., a retired general/pediatric surgeon (& author of Love, Medicine & Miracles) heard about Shift: A Woman's Guide to Transformation and offered to write the foreword for the book. He says: "The lessons to be learned from this book are age old but reframed in ways that are easy to incorporate and appropriate to our lifestyle today ... cancer patients who display a survivor personality, exceed expectations and more often survive when no one gives them any hope...It is easier to have coaches and guides to help you on the path to transformation and this book can do that for you."

Shift is a melding of Chinese medicine, cognitive behavioral therapy, guided meditation, and energy psychology. This book can be used as an intensive personal healing journey and a reference guide to be consulted whenever a specific issue arises.
Drs. Latz and Ross give bullet points at the end of each chapter to show you how to most rapidly dissolve the obstacle in your life along with examples of how others have shifted their lives using these tools. If you're truly serious about changing any long-established habits of emotional patterns/thoughts that have kept you STUCK, then you are ready for Shift: A Woman's Guide to Transformation - Shift Your Life today! Learn more:
Besides more than $8500 in downloadable bonuses (ebooks, MP3s, courses, articles, coaching and more) donated by their friends & colleagues who so strongly support the book, the authors are offering a cash contest for the best Tales of Shift with $250 as the top prize! Check it out!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Truth Book and Free Gifts!

As you know from reading my blog, The Truth (I’m a Girl, I’m Smart and I Know Everything!), is a journey with a 10 year old girl. As her diary, this book is meant for any child, parent, aunt or uncle, grandparent or friend whose life includes a young girl. Open the door to her worries, joys & fears. I am so proud of this book as it is one of my contributions to the field of positive psychology and also my contribution to helping kids grow up strong and vital! Buy it and get $8000 in bonuses -

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Get over $8000.00 worth of free Gifts!

Do you like free gifts? Who doesn't. For $6.95, the cost of a cup of coffee and donut, burger and fries, and if you're lucky, a movie ticket, you can buy a book for that little girl in your family, friend or neighbors. This book is written for that young preteen or early teen girl that may have questions she can't ask mom. It's a good book for mom's and grandmother's who would like to be prepared to answer those questions, or the thoughts she may be having. Now that's the book. How about all those free gifts? Wow! You have to check it out to believe it. I bought the book for my little granddaughter, who just turned 6. Yes, she's young, but I am saving it for when she gets older. But the gifts are fantastic.

Here are just a mentionable few:

Chris and Janet Attwood - Take your Passion Test (priceless)
The Daily Om - First three chapters of the bestselling book: Waiting for Autumn by Scott Blum
Doris Heigle, Ph.D. - More Joy for me Now (package) $297.00

There are 82 free gifts for $6.95. How can you go wrong?

Here are a couple of more:

Dr. Joe Rubino - 7 Steps to Soaring Self-Esteem and Success Achievers Value $129
Rebekkah White - Heal Yourself Newsletter, Articles & 40 Affirmation wallpapers Value $300
Catherine Behan - Soul Mate Attraction Analysis - $297

There's just too many to list. Go to this page now and see what I mean.

The Truth Book

Have a great, free gift day.

Linda Barnett-Johnson

I am also offering a discount on editing.

Announcing the Girl’s and Mom’s Edition of THE TRUTH: I’m a Girl, I’m Smart and I Know Everything!

Be the first on your block to get the Girl’s edition of The Truth!. It is similar but not identical to the Woman’s version. There is a new introduction just for girls, new questions for both of you to chat about after reading the book, and a slightly modified text where appropriate.

This girl encapsulates the spark and energy that your daughter has inside of her, and that you had inside of yourself as a girl. It is this special capacity for fun and wisdom that we need to protect in our girls and get back to ourselves!

“The Truth: I’m a Girl, I’m Smart, and I Know Everything,” is written as a diary by a young girl. Through the course of the book, the reader learns the girl’s thoughts on everything from bad language to her first love, from her parents’ fights to how she will stay true to her dreams as a grownup. The pages are filled with simple truths, wise and innocent at the same time. Girls, tweens, and teens will love the reinforcement they gain from The Truth’s diary entries, and their parents will love the opportunity to finally have a fun way to discuss with their kids so many issues around growing up.

Let’s rejoice in the girl inside of ourselves. Let’s give courage and affirmation to our daughters and granddaughters so they know from the inside out, it is ok, in fact, essential to keep her alive, as they grow up.

TESTIMONIAL: “My daughter April and I went to our book club meeting last night. The book we were discussing is called The Truth (I’m a girl, I’m smart and I know everything). The author, Dr. Barbara Holstein, was there. What a fabulous woman! She is so positive and engaging. The moms and daughters hung on her every word. She has such a gentle and eloquent way of expressing her thoughts and insights to the girls (and the moms). She was so enlightening. I am really looking forward to Dr. Holstein’s next book and certainly to hearing her speak again. What a pleasure!” ~ Donna Ruggiero

The Truth for Girls