Thursday, September 3, 2009

Get over $8000.00 worth of free Gifts!

Do you like free gifts? Who doesn't. For $6.95, the cost of a cup of coffee and donut, burger and fries, and if you're lucky, a movie ticket, you can buy a book for that little girl in your family, friend or neighbors. This book is written for that young preteen or early teen girl that may have questions she can't ask mom. It's a good book for mom's and grandmother's who would like to be prepared to answer those questions, or the thoughts she may be having. Now that's the book. How about all those free gifts? Wow! You have to check it out to believe it. I bought the book for my little granddaughter, who just turned 6. Yes, she's young, but I am saving it for when she gets older. But the gifts are fantastic.

Here are just a mentionable few:

Chris and Janet Attwood - Take your Passion Test (priceless)
The Daily Om - First three chapters of the bestselling book: Waiting for Autumn by Scott Blum
Doris Heigle, Ph.D. - More Joy for me Now (package) $297.00

There are 82 free gifts for $6.95. How can you go wrong?

Here are a couple of more:

Dr. Joe Rubino - 7 Steps to Soaring Self-Esteem and Success Achievers Value $129
Rebekkah White - Heal Yourself Newsletter, Articles & 40 Affirmation wallpapers Value $300
Catherine Behan - Soul Mate Attraction Analysis - $297

There's just too many to list. Go to this page now and see what I mean.

The Truth Book

Have a great, free gift day.

Linda Barnett-Johnson

I am also offering a discount on editing.

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